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* Item: OD003
* Name: Beaded Doll
* Size: 80*80*120 mm
* Material: Acrylic beads + Fishing lines.
* Color: Blue/Purple/Orange/Yellow/Pink/White/Rose Red
* Application: toy for girls, crafts for kids.
* Handmade Time: It takes half hour to make this item by hand.
* Remark: These are finished products, not raw materials.

Everyone loves special gifts, and everyone loves to receive unique presents. In this mechanized time, less and less people are making handicrafts, so more and more difficult to find amazing craftwork. But in obeado, we believe that the most beautiful handiwork in the world are made by human hands. And there are still some people who love handcrafts…

Still waiting? We don’t have too many stocks! ^_^

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