Beaded Eyeglasses Hanging Rope for Wholesale


This product is only for wholesale, MOQ: 30 pcs/color.

* Name: Eyeglasses Hanging Rope
* Size: 78cm long
* Material: Acrylic beads + Fishing lines.
* Color: White/Red/Pink/Pink/Black/Shiny Red/Colorful
* Application: eyeglasses hanger, gifts for mum etc.
* Handmade Time: It takes half hour to make this item by hand.
* Remark: This is a finished product, not raw materials.

Everyone loves special gifts, and everyone loves to receive unique presents. In this mechanized time, less and less people are making handicrafts, so more and more difficult to find amazing craftwork. But in obeado, we believe that the most beautiful handiwork in the world are made by human hands. And there are still some people who love handcrafts…

Still waiting? We don’t have too many stocks! ^_^

1. This product is only for wholesale, MOQ (minimum order quantity): 30 pcs/color.
2. For details about wholesale products, please contact us via skype or email.
3. If your order reaches USD50, you will get 2 of our giveaways, random item random color.
4. Link of all our giveaways: https://www.obeado.com/giveaways/
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