Welcome to obeado, an online craft store.

This is Maggie, an enthusiast of handicrafts. I love every handiwork made of all kinds of strange things ever since a child. I opened a craft shop when I was a sophomore in 2008, people in the campus loved it, many of them studied craft making from me in the shop every week. After graduation, I went to Xi'an and learned from some handcraft masters for 6 months, then a small craft workshop was established. Considering the increasing needs of craft supplies, I decided to extend the workshop together with Tim (my husband, and also a big fan of cute crafts) and hired some skillful housewives from the countryside. My goal is selling these beautiful handmade items to the world.

As a master artisan, I carve a piece to create items with simple hand tools and in the process produce masterpieces of extraordinary shapes, patterns, and textures. Be it the handcrafted decorative items, exquisite craft, beads, and utensils, Maggie has it all. My range of handicrafts are made from acrylic beads, aluminum wires, iron tubes and cotton thread. You can find my handcrafted objects in almost all Homes. As a skillful craftsman, I carve beautiful patterns and increase the loveliness by adorning them with different kind of colorful materials.


* They are a perfect amalgamation of simplicity and elegance

* Environment-friendly and biodegradable products

* Economical in comparison to their quality

* They are enchanting and beautiful

* Durable and long-lasting

* Readily available

And lots more.

I find my handicraft claiming a special place in every home decoration as well as other decorations.


My products are cute, special and environment-friendly, can be used as home decor, gifts and toys for kids.

I’m so proud that you are here and a part of us and I hope that you will continue to inspire me in this journey.

Thank you for always shopping with us!


Obeado Team