About Us

Obeado is a Craft Store, we believe that the most beautiful stuffs in the world are made by human hands.

What We Do?

Obeado makes handicrafts with acrylic beads and fishing line, products include beaded ornaments, beaded vases, beaded animals, beaded handbags etc., they are cute and special, can be used as home decoration or gifts for girls, ladies & children. (Our Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/obeado)


We would like to share our beautiful handiworks made with heart, decorate people's homes, and surprise loved ones with pretty gifts.


We hope that in this mechanized world, there are still people who like handicrafts and people who still make and share handicrafts.

What We Offer?

Express Delivery

We will make new items for each order and deliver within 3-5 days after order placed.

Order Tracking

We will provide tracking website and tracking numbers for each order.

Aftersales Service

We provide 7-24 aftersales service, please contact us in 3 days of receiving the goods.

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